The 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS)
The 2nd “Air Silk Road” International Forum
September 8th, 2021
8:30-9:00  Check-in
      Leading Host: Wentian Teng (from CCTV)
9:00-9:45 Opening Remarks:
Theme Host: China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchange of Ministry of Commerce
Honorable Speakers:
1. Jinbai Yang/ Deputy Mayor of the Beijing Municipal People's Government
2. Xiaofeng Cui/ Deputy Director of the Civil Aviation Administration of China
3. Qiang Huang/ Executive Vice Governor of Henan Provincial People's Government
4. Fang Liu / Secretary-General of ICAO ( by Video)
5. Vincent HIEFF / Consul General of Luxembourg in Shanghai
6. Leader of the ShunYi District People’s Government of Beijing Municipality
9:45-10:00   Tea Break
10:00-11:05  Part I: The Response and Recovery of Civil Aviation
Industry in Post-Epidemic Era
Theme Host: Chunyu Ding / Deputy Director of International Division of CAAC
Keynote Speech:
1. Qing Zhang /Deputy Director, Planning Department, Civil Aviation  Administration of China (15 minutes)
Topic: “Take Initiative to Seize Opportunity and Strive to Achieve Better Quality Development of Aviation in China. ”
2. Ma Tao / Vice President of North Asia of International Air Transport  Association (15 minutes)
Topic: “The Impact and Recovery of Aviation Industry from Covid-19 Pandemic”
Panel Discussion: (35 minutes)
Theme:  Response and Recovery to the Epidemic
Theme Host: Tao Ma, Vice President of North Asia of international Air   
Transport Association
1. Hongyan Wang/Vice President of Air China Cargo Co., Ltd.
2. Sheng Li /President of S.F Airlines
3. Teklehaimanot G.Yohannes Gebreyessus/ China Regional General Manager 
of Ethiopian Airlines  
4. Xun Li/ China Regional General Manager of Emirates Airline
11:05 - 12:00
Part II: Airport Economic Demonstration Zone of Beijing Capital 
International Airport Assists the Construction of World-
Class Aviation Hub

Theme Host: Wentian Teng /CCTV
Keynote Speech:
1. Yongzhi Huang / Director of the Committee of Beijing Airport Economic
Core Zone (15 minutes)
Topic: "Soar on Wings – Best Effort to Build Beijing Capital International 
Airport Economic Demonstration Zone”
Theme: “How to Fuse Airport, Industry, and City Together to
Build the World-Class Aviation Hub”
Panel Discussion: (40 minutes)
Theme Host: Hangjun Yang/ Professor of University of International Business  and  Economics
1. Ming Wang/ Director of Institute of Comprehensive Transportation of
National Development and Reform Commission
2. Xianwei Meng /Deputy General Manager of Strategic Development of
Capital Airport Holding Company
3. Nan Huang/ Director of the Policies and Regulations Division of Committee
of Beijing Airport Economic Core Zone
4. Andrew Massey/ Director of Transport Department of International Trade of British Embassy in China
5. Jingye Shi / General Manager of Government Business Department of Zhongke Xingtu Co., Ltd.
12:00-13:30  Lunch
13:30-14:00  Check-in (for guests attending in the afternoon)
Part III: Opportunities and Challenges in Construction of “Air Silk
Road” --Vivid Practice in Henan Province

Theme Host: Dongwei Wang/ Director of Henan Provincial Department of Finance
Keynote Speech:
1. Dongsheng Zhai/ Director of the Belt and Road Construction Promotion Center of the National Development and Reform Commission (15 minutes)
Topic: “To Build Belt and Road and Air Silk Road in Henan Province with
High-Quality Management”
2. Wei Guo/ Party Member of Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission (10 minutes)
Topic: "‘Air Silk Road’ Accelerates Henan Province Integration with the World"
3. Mingchao Zhang / CEO of Henan Civil Aviation Development &   
Investment Co., Ltd. (10 minutes)
Topic: "Catch New Opportunities, Face New Challenges, and Realize New
Targets to Make ‘Air Silk Road’ Fly Widely."
Panel Discussion: (40 minutes)
Theme: “How to Improve High-Quality Development of ‘Air Silk Road’ in ZhengZhou and Luxemberg”
Theme Host: Lei Zhao/ Professor of the Party School of Central committee
1. Zhong Wu /Vice President and Director-General of Finance Center
for South-South Cooperation
2. ShengZhen Kang/ President of Henan Airport Group
3. Jianye Guo/ CEO of China Central Longhao Airlines
4. Xing Huang/Vice Professor of J.D Logistics
5. Yunchun Cao/ Professor of Civil Aviation University of China
15:15-15:30  Coffee break
15:30-16:20 Part IV: "Air Silk Road" Projects Announcement and Signing Ceremony
Theme Host: Wentian Teng/ CCTV
1) Launching Ceremony: Large-Scale Aerial Documentary of "Pursuing the Blue Sky" by Central Studio of News Reels Production.
Spokesman: Benmin Guo/ Deputy General Manager of Central Studio of News Reels Production.
2) Signing Ceremony: "Air Silk Road" Flying Lodge Project
Publisher: Jian Ma/ Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee of "Air Silk Road" International Cooperative Alliance, President of Beijing International Aerotropolis Technology Research Institute
3) Strategic cooperation agreement by Henan Civil Aviation Development &           
Investment Co., Ltd and China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co., Ltd.
4) Strategic cooperation agreement by Henan Civil Aviation Development &  
Investment Co., Ltd and Investment Co., Ltd and French SIMAERO
Holding Company
5) Strategic cooperation framework agreement by Henan Civil Aviation Development & Investment Co., Ltd and China Certification & Inspection (Group) Co., Ltd.   
6) Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Industrial Ecological Infrastructure by Henan Civil Aviation Development & Investment Co., Ltd and
 7) Achievement in Book Release: “Belt and Road” high-quality development ——The Vivid Practice of Henan "Air Silk Road"
Publisher: Lei Zhao/Professor of Party School of the Communist Party of China.
16:20-17:25 Part V: International Cooperation and Development of
General Aviation and BeiDou Navigation Industries
Theme Host: Junchen Yao/ Secretary General of Chinese Society of
Aeronautics and Astronautics
Keynote Speech:
1. Zuoming Lin/ Chairman of Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics (15 minutes)
Topic: “Facilitate General Aviation Industrial Development in Integration with Technology & Economy”
2. Xiancheng Yu/ President of GNSS & LBS Association of China (15 minutes)
Topic: "Promote Application of BeiDou Navigation Satellite to Advance
Development of Aviation Economy"
Panel Discussion: 35 minutes
Theme: “How Can General Aviation and BeiDou Navigation Satellite
Industry Blend into Regional Economic Development?”
Theme Host: Yuming Fu/Vice President of Beijing International Aerotropolis Technology Research Institute
1. Quande Zhang/ Vice President and Secretary General of GNSS and LBS
Association of China  
2. Guangming Zhang/ Professor of Civil Aviation Flight University of China 
3. Wenyue Chen/ Member of the Standmin committee of Jiande City, Zhejiang Province
4. Xianchao Wang/Executive Deputy Director of Xihua County
17:25-17:35 Part 6: Industry Index Release
Theme Host: Wentian Teng/ CCTV
"China Urban Airport Economy Development Index 2020" released by the Joint Task Group: Institute of Comprehensive Transportation of National Development and Reform Commission, Henan Collaborative Innovation Center for Aviation Economy Development, and China Urban Airport Economy Research Center
Publisher: Aimin Hao/ Professor of Collaborative Innovation Center of Aviation Economy Development of Henan Province
17:35-17:40  Closing Speech:
Shengqiang Huang/ Director of the Organizing Committee of the 2nd " Air Silk Road" International Forum, Honorary President of China Association of Port-of-Entry, Former Director of National Port-of-Entry Administration Office in General Administration of Customs P.R. China
September 9th, 2020
Business Visit: Exhibition Area of CIFTIS in National Conventional Center
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