The 2nd“Air Silk Road" International Forum of China Intemnational Fair for Trade in Services is the annual international forum hosted by Air Silk Road International Cooperative Alliance, China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges, International Cooperation and Service Center, CAAC, and Co-organized solely by Beijing Aerotropolis Technology Institute (BATI).
The theme this year is targeted as "Integration of the Whole Aviation Industry on Air Silk Road to Create New Platform for International Aviation Economic Collaboration”with various hiting subjects on normalizing epidemic prevention and dual circulation to respond in recovering aviation industry and high-quality development. On our itinerary, we will launch several spotlight projects such as "China Arport Economy Development Index 2020*" Announcement of major significant intermational cooperative projects in aviation field,Documentary Film of“100 Years of China Aviation" ,"Flying Lodge" .. together with many international projects signed by“Air Silk Road International Cooperative Alliance".
China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) 2020 is organized by the State Council, co-organized by the Ministry of Commerce and Beiing Municipal People's Government with the theme of "Open,Innovation,Wisdom,Integration". The 2nd "Air Silk Road" Intermational Forum is authorized by the CIFTIS to be held in National Convention Center as one of the core forums with high recognition and expectation worldwide.
More than 300 enterprises and institutions with 500 guests from embassies and consulates on Belt and Road, international organizations, Beijing City Government, CAAC, Henan Province, worldwide airlines, port logistics, air cargo, Beidou Industrial Association, research and financial institutions, government departments, and media representatives will attend.
Air Silk Road is the crucial organic component to the construction of "Belt and Road". It is the colorful road full of cultural exchange in civilization along various countries, the fancy intense road full of collection by co-construction and sharing of the Asian and European wisdom, and the heavy coloring road full of dual cycle of domestic and international high quality constructions in a new era. Building the Air Silk Road matches China government's top national strategy, fufills the inevitable requirement of initiative extends on "Belt and Road" to design and development in a new era, activates the best beneficial practice for China's opening to outside world to strengthen international cooperation, and realizes common development by new pattern of dual circulation of construction with convenient services in intermational trade channels.
In accordance with the unified arrangement of ASRIF Organizing Comittee, BATI as the secretary-general unit will continue to make its own contribution to the success of ASRIF together with our honorable guests worldwide, joining hand in hand to move on the development of Air Silk Road in realizing all potential benefits in a near future.
Organizing Comittee of the 2nd“Air Silk Road" International Forum
September 8th, 2020
The Secretariat of "Air Silk Road International Forum"
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