CIFTIS Launches 2020 Online Promotion Conference

Source: Xinhuanet Beijing Channel
The 2020 China International Trade in Services Fair Beijing Office of the Beijing Organizing and Service Assurance Leading Group held the first session of embassies, chambers of commerce and enterprises in China.  The online promotion will promote the cultural services, financial services, winter sports, tourism services, education services, health services and other topics of the 2020 Service Trade Fair.
The 2020 Service Trade Fair is scheduled to be held in Beijing in early September with the theme "Global Service, Mutual Benefits and Sharing".  This session of the Service Trade Fair has established a new “1+8+N” exhibition model, namely, setting up a comprehensive exhibition, cultural services, financial services, winter sports, tourism services, service robots, education services, sports services and 5G communication services.  For a special exhibition, N functional service areas are set up around the exhibition venue.
1. The cultural service (cultural fair) special exhibition will organize 3 comprehensive activities, 12 exhibitions and display activities, with a total area of about 35,000 square meters, focusing on the high-quality development of Beijing's cultural industry, the development of media integration, the development of new audiovisual, cultural and sports integration  , Cultural industry park construction, cultural, cultural, cultural and creative product development, national characteristic culture along the "Belt and Road", etc.
2. The special exhibition of financial services (Golden Expo) will focus on reflecting the new trend of international financial service trade, hold the 2020 China International Finance Annual Forum, and organize signing activities for major cooperation projects in the financial industry.
3. The winter sports (Winter Expo) special exhibition will invite important guests such as the International Olympic Committee, the International Winter Individual Organization, the United Nations, and the world's ice and snow powers to attend, and more than 20 international forums, industry conferences, and multiple trade negotiations and other supporting activities will be held at the same time.
4. The tourism service (travel expo) thematic exhibition will be composed of three parts: exhibition, seminar and conference, and will be held in an online and offline integration manner.  During the conference, the "World Tourism Cooperation and Development" summit forum will be held, the "Action Program for the Recovery and Revitalization of Tourist Cities under the Background of the New Crown Epidemic" will be released, and the World Tourism Investment and Financing Conference will be held.  The "International Forum on Health and Tourism" will also be held to release more authoritative information.
5. The special education exhibition will focus on showing the policy orientation and development achievements of my country's education service trade.  The exhibition is presented in a combination of offline physical exhibition and online cloud display. The offline exhibition venue covers an area of 1,650 square meters.
It is understood that this session of the Service and Trade Fair has set up a special area for public health and epidemic prevention to display the prevention and control supplies, application products and technologies used for the first time in the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Beijing in 2020 in case detection, treatment, close management, and material deployment;  Demonstrate the 3000-year history of anti-epidemic of Chinese medicine and the product application and results of anti-epidemic Chinese medicine prevention and treatment this year; by simulating the prevention and treatment of major infectious diseases in the city, display innovative scientific and technological products, technologies and applications of biological information and medicine.
 Up to now, thousands of institutions and companies from 86 countries and regions have confirmed online and offline exhibitions.
CIFTIS believes that the "Air Silk Road" in the new era will be served by national aviation hub cities related to the "Belt and Road", based on civil air transportation, and supported by the promotion of domestically-made civil aircraft and the Beidou industrial chain. With the expansion of the airport and airport economic zone as a platform, the facilitation of port customs clearance and the clustering of airport industries are the focus, and an innovative economic cooperation model for air transportation connectivity and airport industry connectivity between China and related countries will be established. The summit focused on promoting international cooperation, and strived to promote a number of cooperation results, and promote the "Chinese service with strategic plan" in the aviation field to better serve the countries along the Silk Road.

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