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 With the Statement of organizing committee of “Air Silk Road International Forum” on May 31, 2019, the “Air Silk Road International Cooperative Alliance” was launched by many representatives from enterprises, institutions and social organizations in aviation field with highly recognition to promote constructions on “Air Silk Road” comprehensively in provision of “one-stop solution” for international cooperation in aviation economy.
Vision of ASRICA
To become the pioneering union with genetic synergy to facilitate international cooperative production capacity in aviation economy in China, leading domestic competitive enterprises to participate in, making new structure of mutual cooperation with foreign enterprises in good cycles, and thus promoting high-quality constructional development on “Air Silk Road”.
Operational Principles of ASRICA
To operate in accordance with the national requirements of official associations, learning from industrial international organizations and following the principle of “extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits”.
To established full-time working team to provide professional services with industrial resources for alliance members by delegation, and effectively promote international cooperation on the “Belt and Road Initiative”.
To authorize Beijing Aerotropolis Technology Institute (BATI) to be in charge of daily operations by the Organizing Committee of “Air Silk Road International Forum”.

China International Fair for Trade in Services
The 5th “Air Silk Road” International Forum

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