2021 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) to be held in Beijing in September

   2021 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) will be held at China National Convention Center and Shougang Industry Services Park on September 2nd-7th with about 130,000 square meters of exhibition venue and over 100 forums, meetings or promotion and negotiation activities. September 3rd-4th will be professional audience days, and September 5th-7th will be public audience days.
Theme Activities
Grasping global hot trends such as digital economy, carbon peak and carbon neutrality and high-lightening service, opening-up and cooperation to promote world economic recovery, this CIFTIS is on the theme of “Digital starting up the future, service promoting development”. Six types of activities has been designed as follows:
    Activity 1: Global Trade in Services Summit Forum. It aims to covey China’s confidence and determination to expand firmly opening up to the outside world. Foreign dignitaries and leaders of international organizations will be invited to give speeches online and share policies and experience. We together take efforts to promote global trade in services prosper development and world economic recovery.
   Activity 2: Forums and Meetings, including summit forum, brand thematic forum and industry meetings. At summit forums, it is expected to communicate on digital trade, innovative development of trade in services, investment facilitation and other topics to help improve the global economic governance and world economic inclusiveness. At brand thematic forum, it is expected to focus on the hot issues and trends of eight topics to help produce symbolic results which shepherd the development of trade in services and activate the development momentum. At industry meetings, it is expected to communicate on digital economy, carbon peak, carbon neutrality, epidemic prevention and health, intellectual property protection, industrial internet, opening-up expansion of trade in services and free trade zone construction to lead industry development.
    Activity 3: Exhibitions, including comprehensive ones and theme ones. Comprehensive exhibitions are located in China National Convention Center, with trade in services achievements exhibition, country exhibition, provinces, municipalities and cities of China’s mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan exhibition and digital service special exhibition, where it is mainly displayed the characteristics, advantages and latest achievements of trade in services from relevant countries, regions, respective provinces, municipalities and cities of China’s mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and extrusively displayed the latest development forefront, up-to-date achievements and new application scenarios in digital service field. Theme exhibitions are located in Shougang Industry Services Park, with eight theme exhibitions for enterprises on telecommunication, computer, information services, cultural and tourism services, educational services, sports services, supply chain and business services, engineering consulting and construction services, health and sanitation services, where it is fully displayed the new technologies, models and achievements in various fields under the development trend of digitization, networking and intelligentization.
    Activity 4: Promotion and Negotiation Activities. Three types of promotion and negotiation activities will be held: those among countries, those among provinces, municipalities and cities of China’s mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and those among industries. It is expected to invite embassies and consulates from overseas countries and regions, business associations, government departments of provinces, municipalities and cities of China’s mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to promote superior fields, cooperation projects, policies and measures relevant to the innovative development of regional trade in services, and invite government agencies, domestic and foreign business associations and enterprises to interpret policies, promote themes, release demands, dock with projects, etc.
    Activity 5: Achievements Release. Release hall will be arranged for first issue, service demonstration cases and authoritative policies release of new products, new technologies, new services and new application scenarios. Enterprises of world top 500, industry leaders and unicorn will release the latest technologies, products and achievements. Authoritative information on policy white papers, industry standards and norms, development index and development reports is to be released by relevant international organizations, departments of overseas countries and regions, China’s national ministries and commissions, provinces, municipalities and cities of China’s mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, domestic and foreign business associations. Service demonstration cases to be released are of technology innovation, business pattern innovation, Chinese service practice and global service practice.
    Activity 6: Side Meetings, which are expected to be organized by various participants in the forms of business salons, dinner and wine parties and so on.
    What’s more, during the exhibition, matching activities such as business investigation, investment promotion and culture experiencing will be designed for the participants.
Preparatory Progress
    Firstly, investment and exhibition recruiting has been promoted on a full scale. Internationally, 138 institutions overseas and stationed in China in 105 countries and regions abroad have planned to hold exhibitions online or offline, and the top 30 countries and regions of trade in services all have institutions going to participate, involving 76 countries which signed agreement with China to jointly build the “Belt and Road”. The comprehensive exhibition is progressing smoothly, 38 foreign countries and 5 international organizations confirming to participate in offline country exhibition, 31 provinces, municipalities, cities and 5 municipalities with independent planning status under the national social and economic development, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan districts confirming to participate and organize a trading group, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei continuing to participate in way of joint exhibition, Zhejiang and Shanxi acting respectively as host and guest provinces and theme provinces. 39 domestic and foreign enterprises including Amazon, Canon, Hitachi, Alibaba and BOE registered for the exhibition in digital service specialized area. Theme exhibition recruiting is fully under way, all the theme exhibition organizers having been selected by market. 359 enterprises are determined to participate in online or offline exhibition, with the overall completion rate of 60% and internationalization rate of 25%, among which 32 of the world’s top 500 companies and 163 leading industry enterprises are included, accounting for 54%.    
    Secondly, preparation for forum meetings is carried out in an orderly way. Around global hot issues such as digital economy, carbon peak, carbon neutrality, epidemic prevention and health, it is decided that Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Development Research Center of the State Council and World Tourism Cities Federation will jointly hold five summit forums. Relevant participant organizations has applied for 174 forums and promotion talks, including 87 forum meetings and 87 promotion talks. Over 30 enterprises including Sanofi, HP, Canon and Baidu initially confirmed the release of new technologies, new achievements and new services.
    Thirdly, give impetus to the introduction of promotion policies for 2021 CIFTIS achievements. To motivate more achievements during CIFTIS, we fought from the Ministry of Finance, State Taxation Administration, General Administration of Customs and other units for preferential tax policies for imported exhibits in 2020. This year, we will make further breakthrough based on those of last year, giving impetus to the introduction of regular supporting policies which are more powerful, easier to operate, and beneficial to more exhibition merchants.

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