“Air Silk Road Airport & Urban Int’l Alliance”launched

"China service" and "China solution"serve for “Belt & Road” related countries.
On May 31st,2019, the first “Air Silk Road International Forum during the China International Fair of Trade in Services was held in Beijing Airport Economic Core Zone. At the Forum, 15 domestic and foreign aviation economic institutions jointly launched the Air Silk Road Airport & Urban International Alliance(hereinafter referred to as the Alliance). During the first “Belt & Road” International Forum held in May 2017, one of keynotes was: "We must establish a combination of road, sea, air and internet on international communication." Compared with the "continuity" of physical space in rail & road transportation and maritime transportation, the particularity and international nature of air transportation can satisfy its "frog leaping" (i.e."non physical continuity") mode of interconnection, which is highly consistent with the timeliness and forerunner needs of the "Belt and Road" strategy.
The Alliance takes the full implementation of the Combination as the development goal, integrates the resources of domestic and international airport industry, and gives full play to the advantages of the platform, leading China's aviation related industry chains to provide quality "China service" and "China solution" for “Belt and Road” related countries.
Initiated by China Port Association, Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China Satellite Navigation and Positioning Association, China Civil Aviation Airport Construction Group, Beijing International Aerotropolis Technology Research Institute, the Alliance was launched after two years’ preparation. And it is directed by Comprehensive Transport Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission. 
The Alliance is a platform organization voluntarily joined by relevant governments, enterprises, institutions, organizations and institutions in the aviation field worldwide to jointly promote international cooperation in the airport & urban industry. China-Belarus Industrial Park Management Committee, Zambia-China Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone, Group (ADP), British Airways, China Civil Aviation Airport Construction Group, Xi'an Airport Base Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, Zhengzhou Institute of Aviation Industry Management have become the first founding members.
Mr. Ma Jian, president of Beijing Aerotropolis International Technology Research Institute, read out the Alliance proposal on behalf of 15 initiators.The proposal stated that“Air Silk Road” is to serve for “Belt and Road” related countries’ aviation hub cities as its clients. It has civil aviation transportation as fundament, promotes the domestic civil aircrafts and Bei Dou industry chain as support, develops platform for airports construction and airport economic zone, and focuses on turning streamlined custom clearance procedure and airport industry clustering. It will build an innovation model of economic cooperation in aviation transportation and airport industry between China and related countries.
Mr. Wang Ming, Director of Integrated Transport Research Institute of National Development and Reform Commission, Mr. Cao Zengdong, Secretary-General of China Association of Port-of-entry Mr. Yao Junchen, Secretary-General, Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Mr.Zhang Quande, Vice President and Secretary-General of China Satellite Navigation and Positioning Association, Mr. Yu Datao, Vice General Manager of China Civil Aviation Airport Construction Group, Mr. Liao Zibin, General Manager of Zambia-China Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone, Mr. Jean Yves, General Manager of Group (ADP) in China, Mr. Igor Leshchenok, First Deputy Director of China-Belarus Industrial Park Management Committee, Ms. Cindy Zhang, Representative of British Airways in China joined on the launch ceremony. 
Mr. Weng Mengyong, former vice-minister of the Standing Committee of theNational People's Congress and the Ministry of Transport, Ms. Winnie Chibesakunda, Ambassador of the Republic of Zambia to China, Mr. Zhang Yi, Vice-Director of the China International Economic and Technological Exchange Center of the Ministry of Commerce, and Mr. Zhi Xianwei, Standing Committee and Deputy-Head of the Shunyi District Committee of Beijing, Mr. Huang Shengqiang, Former Director of State Port Administration Office and Former Party Member of General Administration of Customs, Ms. Xu Qing, Deputy Director of Transport Department, CAAC, Mr. Pan Yixin, Executive Vice President of China Air Transport Association, Mr. Dong Xuezhong, Deputy Secretary of CPC, Administration Committee of Beijing Airport Economic Core Zone, Mr. DongChangqing, Deputy Secretary of CPC, China Nonferrous Mining Group, distinguished guests and representatives from UK Birmingham Airport, China Aviation Industry Group, China Aviation Group, Capital Airport Group, China Civil Airport Construction Group, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Shunfeng Airlines, Zhoushan Aviation Industry Park Management Committee, Chengdu Tianfu Xi'an aviation base and Zhengzhou Aviation Academy participated and witnessed the Launch Ceremony.
Referring to international airlines' operational experiences of constructing SkyTeam and Star Alliance, this Alliance is founded by related enterprises with global cooperation. This Alliance is an international organization with governments' support.
“Air Silk Road Airport & Urban International Alliance” is to provide high-quality service on developing “Air Silk Road”.

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