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The first "Air Silk Road" International Forum was successfully held in Beijing on May 31, 2019 with over 300 delegates from 20 countries. It focuses on how China's civil aviation industry collaborated with domestic development creates more services for many countries on the "One Belt One Road" worldwide.
The strategic agreement between Beijing city and those important node cities along " Belt and Road Initiative" as Minsk, capital of Belarus, and Lusaka, capital of Zambia; the overseas sales order signed of general aviation aircraft manufactures; the announcement of《2019 Index of Chinese Aerotropolis Development》; the launch of “Air Silk Road Airport & Urban International Alliance”... as well as many international projects and scientific achievement on the whole aviation industrial chain, are all presented in the Forum successfully! 
With the approval of State Council of PRC and Beijing City government, the 2nd “Air Silk Road International Forum” is scheduled on September 5th~6th during “The China International Fair for Trade in Services” in 2020. The theme is targeted as “Integration of the Whole Aviation Industry on Air Silk Road to Create New Platform for International Aviation Economic Collaboration” under the impact of corona-virus with topics on:
1. How Do We Embrace the New Era of Corona-Virus Effect on Worldwide Aviation industry with Innovation?
2. How Do the Aviation and Relative Industries Facilitate the Development of Regional Economies?
3. The Opportunity of Opening Flying Routes and Collaboration of Airport Constructions in between China and countries on "One Belt One Road".
4. What Are Practical Solutions to have Aerotropolis and Regional Economies worked out together?
More than 600 people from Chinese embassies and consulates, representatives of international organizations, worldwide enterprises and institutions in aviation field, research institutions, financial institutions, government departments and media will attend. We only invite 100 foreign guests from Embassies, decision-making leaders from financial institutions or investment banks, media or broadcasting companies in priority.
Due to the epidemic prevention work of China Government, please contact us to assist completing the online registration with all examination of admission documents on BEFORE August 13th.

Secretariat Foreign Affairs Contact: Joy Tang 
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The Secretariat of "Air Silk Road" International Forum

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The 2nd “Air Silk Road” International Forum

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The Secretariat of "Air Silk Road International Forum"
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